12 January 2007

When Crocs Attack

During the DSF the so popular Crocs (Link) are only AED 125 at Ibn Baitutta Mall. The original price was AED 150.

By now, you have probably heard the story of Crocs – not the rugged skinned reptiles but the equally strange – looking shoes that have become a global phenomenon. It’s quite late: Three good friends form Boulder, Colorado, go sailing in the Caribbean, where a foam clog one had bought in Canada inspires them to build a business around it. Despite a lack of funding and the derision of foot fashionistas, the multicolored Crocs – with their Swiss-cheese perforations, cushy orthotic beds, and over- preventing material – become a global smash. Celebrities adopt them. Young people adore them. The company goes from $ 1 million in revenue in 2003 to a projected $ 322 in 2006. Crocks Inc.’s IPO in February was the richest in footwear history, and the company has a market cap of more than $1 billion. But there is more than luck to Crock’s astonishing success. Read more here (Link):
There is an additional story that is equally interesting. It's about the invention of the accessories to the Crocs. Read here (Link) how a stay-it-home mom invented something that made her $ 10 million richer in less than a year.