26 February 2007

On the list of worse dressed

Did Anne Hathaway or Meryl Streep learn anything of the set of The Devil Wears Prada that they could have applied to their styles for the Oscars Awards?

Or maybe we should take our hat off to them. Streep, nominated for best actress, proudly proclaimed she was a size 14 on the red carpet. Swathed in black, Streep turned her nose up at bling in favour for ethnic beads.
In contrast, Hathaway said because it was her first Oscars, she had piled the diamonds on. As many as she could, as well as pearl earrings. Her dress, designed by Valentino, was a sheath of white lace contrasted by a gigantic black velvet bow.


Lyn said...

The dress would look great without the bow. At least she looks happy and confident.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I have to second - this would have been perfection without that awful bow! It reminds me of maternity clothes from the 70's.

LeeAnne said...

And Anne seems to know the bow isn't right as she tries to cover it up with all those bangles. She is a beatiful girl who knows how to wear clothes. What a shame she didn't bring all her glamour to the Oscars.
She should have let Patricia Field dress her.

Anonymous said...

She usually looks really classy, and I have to admit her hair and jewelry look great, but the dress is terrible.