24 March 2007

Catwalk queen Campbell puts away toilet brush

Super-tempered supermodel Naomi Campbell yesterday finished five days of community service with Manhattan's Department of Sanitation by sauntering out in a catwalk dress and heels, before stepping into her Rolls Royce and speeding away.
The British model finished work at a garbage truck garage after completing the service for assaulting her maid. Residents came running to catch a glimpse of her, laughing and cheering a woman the media has often painted as a hothead.
"From what I understand, she was pleasant the entire time," her boss for the week, sanitation department Deputy Chief Albert Durrell said. Her duties included sweeping garage floors, mopping and sweeping hallways, and scrubbing toilets, Durrell said. He said Campbell arrived on time each day, at 8am, and worked till 4pm.
Campbell wore a striking outfit most days, turning up one day in a short fur coat and boots, prompting speculation she had struck a deal with a fashion magazine.
The supermodel, 36, had pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault for throwing the phone at her maid about a year ago in her Park Ave apartment. The maid, Ana Scolavino, required four stitches to her head.
She could have been jailed for a year but, in a deal with prosecutors was ordered to do community service, take anger management classes and pay US$363.32 ($509) restitution to Scolavino, as well as her hospital bills. Source

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