21 March 2007

A sneak peek at Madonna's new H&M collection

What will be in the H&M stores from tomorrow onwards?
We were lucky and got the inside scoop, as we told you before. The black is there, but the whites have even stronger presence. If you trace Madonna's style, when she makes red carpet appearances and press tours, she has a rather classic look these days. Whit this collection she shows more sophisticated approach to clothes as beautifully draped dresses and classic pieces like trenches and feminine separates. A little metallic touches are combined with a sporty styling.


Cleo said...

too much black/white... for a spring collection i'd expect to see some more colors. no yellow - the supposed "it" color this spring???

JJ said...

I didn't think any of her line would be something i would like to wear since i have never seen her wear anything i would wear.