01 April 2007

CHANEL Football

CHANEL, CHANEL, CHANEL...Everybody who's anybody knows that last year's Chanel skis were mind-blowing fabulous as Victoria Beckham was spotted on every slope sporting full on Chanel gear. But has Karl and his crew taken it a step too far? Are the masses ready for this fusion of high fashion and sports? Feast your eyes on this $195 Chanel football. Undeniably breathtaking, but just how many fashionistas can you picture gasping over this pigskin? Available at select Chanel boutiques like Jeffrey in NYC and Maxfield, Los Angeles.
The CHANEL boutique in Dubai is at Wafi Mall and soon this hot creation will be available there for all the local fans.
P.S.: Is it just me or does this design have to be the result of Tom Brady and Gisele's romance? FOOTBALL VS FASHION????


Fashionista said...

No, No, No, No & No! Gisele has nothing to do with this CHANEL creation

Anonymous said...

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