28 April 2007

Walking in high heels

The 5 do's:

Start with a pedicure! Do not even think of wearing high heels without perfectly manicured toes, or you can not consider yourself a lady!
They hurt less the more you wear them, so persevere and practice!
Don't ever set eyes on a pair of shoes and "love" buy them! You need to walk around in the shop for around 10 minutes to know if they fit your arch.Try them on a hard surface as carpet is deceiving.
Start off with a low heel of one or two inches and build your self up to four inches. Your ankle and foot will need to get used to the arch of the shoe at each height.
When walking keep the gap in between your legs as narrow as possible, your legs straight and keep the toes facing forward. This will make walking more ladylike and less like Popeye!
Follow those 5 rules and you are in for the catwalks!

1 comment:

Jools said...

Ooh Dear,

for once I am so happy to be too tall to walk in flats only. Imagine if you have to think about all those five rules together only to be able to walk as in the catwalks......... Yes the stilettos look very sexy and elegant, but I can't coop with the not so flattering sides of the story....Hooray for this season fashion trends! If some one doesn't know: flats ARE the DO!