04 May 2007

Gisele and Victoria's Secret Part Ways

We're no longer going to see those long, tan Brazilian limbs of Gisele strutting down the Victoria's Secret runway. It was recently said the supermodel has decided to cease her relationship with the lingerie giant because it wouldn't increase her $5 million-a-year salary (do we sense a diva-ish attitude here?!). Apparently, Victoria's Secret doesn't see Gisele's quitting as a loss because they have five new hotter and younger girls debuting next year. If I were Gisele, I'd say: "Bring it on!"


Anonymous said...

I think Victoria's secret is the best women's underwear in the world.You have in the videos the top of models.Nobody can do that for a runway of underwear.I have only a one word in my mouth " magic".

Anonymous said...

Gisele and Adriana Lima have the best bodies!
I love Gisele's arms, they don't look like sticks... and Adriana's abs are killerrr
Surely Victoria Secret could have paid the 5 more - giselle is hot!!!!!!