10 June 2007

Tom Ford's plans to go global

Fashion super giant, Tom Ford, has announced that he will be taking over the world one continent at a time. After opening his uber chic store on Madison Avenue this year, the one-time creative designer of Gucci, is set to open almost 100 retail stores all over the world over a 10 year period.
From Dubai to Sao Paolo, dainty boutiques will sell his garments and a wide range of refined products. With a hard-to-accomplish objective in mind - becoming the true luxury label of the 21st century - Tom Ford and his friend and partner, Domenico DeSole, aim to become one of menswear heavy-hitters. Asia will become a Ford hot-spot; including a store in several countries. In addition, they aim to create a much tighter distribution than their competitors, and so become a high-end label in every aspect available. In the US, Tom Ford has already signed exclusive shop-in-shops agreements with, renowned department stores, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.
Both Tom and Domenico are confident that they will succeed on this hazardous quest of theirs. My style and market perception tells me that they will become with no doubt what so ever an iconic label in menswear fashion and that they will sell by the hundreds of millions, but I'm yet not convinced by their plans of becoming a fashion house highly above the others. Source


Anonymous said...

Damnnnnn Tom Ford, looking so sexyyyyy

Kiss said...

I agree, but have heard that he doesn't really like girls.