01 July 2007

Beauty Regimens Reach for the Gold Standard (Great Article for Beauty Addicts)

Ginger Grace Every other day: hair blown out, 45 minutes, $65 Twice a week: personal trainer, one hour, $80 Twice a week: eyebrow waxing, five minutes, $30 Twice a week: thigh treatment, 45 minutes, $125 Weekly: hiking with trainer, two hours, $150 Weekly: Zone Diet food delivery, $250 Twice a month: pedicure (with manicure), one hour, $40 Twice a month: facial, one hour, $160 Twice a month: massage, one hour, $125 Several times a month: makeup and eyelash application, $145 Monthly: photo facial, 15 minutes, $500 Every six weeks: hair color, two hours, $450 Every three months: hair cut, 45 minutes, $140 Twice a year: Botox and Restylane, one hour, $1,000

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