10 January 2013

NEW MEDIA 2New Media Group announces the latest addition to its website network – Top Holiday Deals (www.top-holiday-deals.com). The team behind the new online shopping hot spot is also known for its work on other web projects like Dubai Chronicle (www.dubaichronicle.com), Bride & Wedding (www.bride-wedding.info), Gulf Newswire (www.gulfnewswire.com), Hotels Newswire (www.hotelsnewswire.com) and Christmas & New Year (www.christmas-newyear.com).

Top-Holiday-Deals.com is different! Visitors can find travel deals, seasonal sales, shopping news, as well as exclusive offers on everything from holiday packages, digital goods, fashionable products, electronics, personal care and many more.
New Media Group’s new website is suitable for people who love shopping or simply want to save a few bucks. Also, the website is perfect for consumers who are on their seasonal shopping spree or bargains hunting.
The website feature simple and clean design aimed to underline the daily deals and offers. All updates published on the website are organized in categories, neatly and in non-distracting manner. In that way, visitors can quickly browse through the latest deals without wasting any of their valuable time.
In addition, the content on Top Holiday Deals is organized into many popular categories. Among them shoppers can find the sections Travel Deals, Digital Goods, Electronics, Gift Cards, Deal of the Day. Also, these are special categories for holiday shopping seasons like Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Valentine’s Day.
Special mention deserves the Deal of the Day column of the site. There visitors will find the best offer for the day. This section of Top Holiday Deals is regularly updated so that even the most avid shoppers will find it useful.
New Media Group is aware of the latest shopping trend – gift cards. Therefore, the website has a column dedicated to the hottest gift card deals out there. Also, the deals focus on a big variety of products and services that can satisfy any need and taste.
Another thing you should definitely check out on top-holiday-deals.com is the Travel Deals section. The column’s aim is to keep travelers and shoppers updated on the best travel package offers, as well as the latest hotel and resort promotions, airfare sales.
The New Media Group team invites you to visit, subscribe or comment on its latest website project Top Holiday Deals – the newest online shopping hub!

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