22 January 2007

Designer Fashion

How do fashion designers end up with a runway full of stunning clothes during fashion week? The process is actually quite a long one and each design goes through many steps before it is ready to be worn.
Fashion houses group clothing into collections. Typically these are based around a particular season. For instance, a designer might present their “Autumn Collection.” Collections are not just groups of items, but rather are carefully planned pieces which are meant to complement each other. They all will fall under the broad design element that the designer is wanting to showcase and they will fit the style that the rest of the designer’s work is known for.
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Fashion designers are often credited with creating trends. Sometimes this is the case, but often they are simply paying attention to what is going on in the fashion world and trying to predict what will be popular next. Some designers do not care very much for trends, and instead try to create completely original and groundbreaking work. They might base their designs around a theme which they consider their inspiration. For instance, they might visit a foreign country and be enthralled by the bright colors that women use in their clothing. They will then use that as the theme of their collection, and incorporate these same colors into their designs.
Once they have their general ideas, they need to start creating the individual pieces. How this is done varies greatly depending on the designer. They might use a computer program, draw pictures, change existing designs from a previous collection or even just work with fabric and a dress form until they see something they like. Once they’ve got their design, they will have a toile made for them. A toile is a sample version of the design made out of plain calico. Once this is created, they will have it modeled or put it on a dress form to view. If they like the way it fits, they will send it to a pattern maker. The pattern maker has to then very accurately create a pattern for the garment based on the toile. Once the pattern is created, a sample garment will be made out of the actual material it was intended to be made in.
The process can be quite tedious, but it ensures that the garments created are of a high quality and are exactly what the designer envisioned.

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