18 January 2007

Leopards, watch out!

It seams I am not the only one noticing. The trend is returning every few years.
Fashion’s fascination with spotted cats has a new canvas this winter, the handbag. In exotic patterns, some unknown in nature, most are printed or stenciled on fabric or calfskin and, thankfully, the real thing is as rare as a snow leopard. A few women are spotted from hat to shoes, and the occasional dog wears cat’s clothing, too.
Tip: Restrict your self to the accessories only if you like to be fashionable on the safe side!


niuzhen said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The leopards and the big cats, I meant!

Fran said...

it's allways in fashion for the right people

Rose said...

I have got ballet puffs & handbag that match almost all of my outfits.

Vahsek said...

nice blog you have got. fashion is the only thing that is always in fashion .

Vahsek said...

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