19 February 2007

Models are a great barometer of trends

Fashion is kick-started by the young, who freely adapt the looks being worn by their favorite models. Inspired by Kate Moss, who is credited with sparking any number of trends, many fashionistas embraced the drainpipe jeans, Ugg boots and Balenciaga bags the last few seasons.
What's next some one may ask?
The 60s retrospective - the A-shape line, which Jacky Kennedy made a classic style. Taking pointers from Yves Saint Laurent's January 1958 Trapeze collection for Dior, designers are turning out swingly, geometric dresses and skirts this season. They are paired with bare legs and platform sandals.
Even Kate Moss wears it this season.
Along with the style of Hollywood stars, that of models is sedulously documented on fashion Web sites and in fashion glossies, making their clothes cool by association.
Thankfully retailers are more detached and methodical, studying the style of models as a guide to looks that will resonate with shoppers and find their way onto the streets. Layered knits, skinny jeans, long beefy cardigans, flat shoes, miniskirts and tunics worn as dresses are a handful of the trends said to have been spawned backstage in the heat of recent fashion weeks in New York and Milano.

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Anonymous said...

Yellow is the Spring color in 2007. I wonder there is not much written about it.