01 February 2007

Kate Moss Continues to Stand by her Guy

I despise Pete, but it seams he has stolen Kate Moss's heart. She had to take him back to rehab yesterday as some very disturbing new video and images (Link)were published recently. They show that Pete is doing drugs again. I wish him to get better. Hopefully his latest entry to rehab is a sign he is working on getting the help he desperately needs. For some reasons Kate Moss continues to stand by him and hopefully her support will help Pete through this difficult time an stay clean.
On the side: Kate looks gorgeous in her leopard coath, seasons trend (Link) for some one going trough all this craziness. She could have got a better guy.


Anonymous said...

I too think that if she manages to get rid of him, can find some body worth it. That boy is hopeless....can't figure it out what she finds in him...yuk!

CW said...

The coath is amazing. Has any one got any idea where to find similar?? ...Just love it