04 February 2007

Who wear's it best?

By now is no secret that golden and silver lames are hot, very hot in this seasons collection. But they were hot as long as I can remember. Aren't they?
Full golden or silver dress could be a way too much for some, but it depends who you are and where you will wear it. Here are the right girls at the right occasions.

Call them the Golden Girls!
Sharon Stone glowed in gold on Jan. 31 at the AmfAR New York City Gala in New York City, and her dress resembled something Vanessa Minnillo wore on New Year's Eve and something Jessica Simpson wore in 2004.

The question is: Who wears it best? Click COMMENTS below to weigh in.


Anonymous said...

Jessika Simpson

FitnessGirl said...

I think Sharon Stone looks very good in that dress...I mean for her age, she must be around 50...and her hair looks better, unlike the "gown with the wind" style she used to funcy.

Cleo said...

I am not a fan of Sharon, but she looks cute in the dress. I prefer the shade of her dress as well. It looks very glamorous.
Vanessa looks rather plain in her dress.
And Jessica, even though I used to love her back in the day before she was full of herself, looks cute, but I just wasn't a fan of the dress

Anonymous said...

Jessica simpson looks beautiful in that dress.

ProShopper said...

Sharon Stone & her dress loks more silver than goldish. If it was me, I would wear tha one out of the three.

Anonymous said...

I think Jessica Simpson wore it better but Sharon Stones would totaly be my second